Burstner Belcanto 525TL 2007

This was a caravan we would be living in for at least a year so we had some very specific needs.

  • A fixed bed, mainly because we did not want to be making up and dismantling the bed every day
  • Twin beds, so we did not have to climb over each other in the middle of the night
  • A reasonable bathroom, but the knowledge that we would usually be availing ourselves of the campsite facilities.
  • The possibility of overnight without a campsite in emergencies, so shower, onboard water tank and good battery and fridge & water heater able to run on gas as well as mains electric.
  • A good size with plenty of storage, but  not too big to be awkward towing and parking.
  • Good cooking facilities
  • a good full sized awning.

We spent a long time researching the market and eventually found just the job at MG Caravans in Todmorden.  It was just one year old and was being sold privately by the dealer on behalf of a customer who had decided after one trip he wanted a motorhome. The big plus was that it came with all the extras, awning, gas cylinder, water barrel and wastemaster. It even had a built in satellite dish for TV reception.  All we needed was crockery, cutlery, cookware and bedding.

Being of German build meant that it was solid as a rock, a benefit we noticed after 100 miles of cobbled roads going through Bulgaria, which would have rattled many a caravan to pieces.

We took delivery in January 2008 and eventually sold it in June 2020 in almost as good a condition as we bought it.  Obviously there were a few dings in the bodywork, but it had a clear damp report, the most important factor in looking at an older van.

All in all we had towed it over 60,000 miles through 23 countries, visited 180 campsites and spent at least 1001 nights in it.  It really was a home from home.