Camping Spa D'Or           June 2012

NB now   Camping Camp And Go Spa D Or

Although there are a lot of bungalows, ready-erected tents and permanent caravans, there are plenty of touring pitches which are level, grassy and large. When we were there the grass was badly in need of cutting but this may have been because they'd had a lot of wet weather. There wasn't much shade, but we hardly needed it!

The staff were friendly but we got the impression they were all newly recruited for the season. They were all young, probably students, and weren't quite au fait with everything.

There are two sanitary blocks. We started off using the smaller one, which is brand-new, but not as fully enclosed as the main one and therefore a little draughty. There was no hot water in the showers on our first morning so we used the larger block which was excellent. The washing-up and laundry sinks have plenty of hot water. There is one washing machine, costing 5 euros including soap powder, and one dryer, 2 euros.

The small shop has fresh bread daily but there is a good supermarket called Proxy about 2 miles away.

There are lots of things for kids to do but the animation programme doesn't start until the end of June.

The site is surrounded by pleasant countryside, and nearby Spa is an interesting town, rather reminiscent of Harrogate!

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28.12 | 08:07

I live in Nysa Poland that is south west on the cheq border.

22.12 | 20:48

Good to hear from you Liam. I recognise your name from EUnitySeahaven. Where in Poland do you live? We enjoyed what we saw, but of course it was only a small corner

22.12 | 14:43

I live in Nysa in Poland. I shall have to visit in the new year when I have my new phone.

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