This was taken half way through our first year away, Athens summer 2008

This was taken half way through our first year away, Athens summer 2008

After 41 years in banking (John) and Libraries (Lesley) in the UK and in Canada, we decided it was time to put away the calculator, close the till, shelve the last book and escape. We sold our house, stored the few bits that were dear to us, sold or scrapped the rest and away we went. We bought a Burstner 525 caravan, a Hyundai Santa Fe,membership of the Caravan Club and the Camping & Caravaning club and a load of maps and guide books.

On May 6, 2008, we left our adopted Yorkshire, departed for Dorset, then Pembroke, then once we felt confident in the ways of caravanning with a monster van, off we went over the channel.

This website covers our first twelve month trip and then subsequent trips around Europe.

The blog was originally on, but sadly that website ceased to function in 2017. I have had to recreate the blog on another site, which is why some of the posting dates are incorrect. Because my expertise in the new website had limitations on placing pictures within text, each blog entry is followed by a second page of pictures relating to it.  At the foot of each blog page and at the top of each picture page is a link to take you forward. I have now worked out how to show pictures within the text, so later entries look a bit better!

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