A week in the Garden of England

Sunday 9th September 2018

We have stopped overnight at the Caravan Club’s Black Horse Farm site on our way to or from the Channel Tunnel, and each time we have told ourselves that one day we should stay longer and explore the area, as the site is nice and there is lots to see in that part of Kent.  The week of September 9th 2018 promised a bit of Indian Summer, so off we went.

We arrived at the site at lunchtime on Sunday to find it quite full, but there was a good grass pitch available, which we took in preference to our usual hardstanding.  One of the joys of Black Horse Farm is that the overnight ferry/tunnel pitches are separate from the main site so there is no disturbance from early departures and late arrivals.

Latest comments

28.12 | 08:07

I live in Nysa Poland that is south west on the cheq border.

22.12 | 20:48

Good to hear from you Liam. I recognise your name from EUnitySeahaven. Where in Poland do you live? We enjoyed what we saw, but of course it was only a small corner

22.12 | 14:43

I live in Nysa in Poland. I shall have to visit in the new year when I have my new phone.

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