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June 15 2008 Nontron, France

This will be a very brief entry, as I've just spent half an hour typing up a detailed account and then lost it all - damn these foreign computers!!  Basically, we had a great time in Brittany with warm sunny weather, and if anyone reading this has never been, Go!  you'll love it!  Beautiful uncrowded beaches, interesting Celtic folklore and history, superb seafood, yummy crepes, cider, lots of dolmens etc.  We have now moved south of Limoges, to the Perigord Vert, a green, wooded area of rolling hills, cows and not much else.  This campsite, Chateau le Verdoyer, is another one in the grounds of an old chateau. It's got excellent facilities including a large swimming pool and a fishing lake. The site is Dutch-owned and many of the other campers here are Dutch, and getting excited about the football. (We're in the throes of Euro 2008.)  The weather's not as good as Brittany but there's still plenty of warm sun, punctuated with clouds and the odd shower.  We visited a pretty little town yesterday called Brantome, then went to the Grottes de Villars, caves with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, and ancient cave paintings.  But mostly we've been sitting around doing nothing much!  We're moving on again tomorrow, towards Cahors.  Having trouble finding wifi that works, but when we do we'll update this and add photos. 


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28.12 | 08:07

I live in Nysa Poland that is south west on the cheq border.

22.12 | 20:48

Good to hear from you Liam. I recognise your name from EUnitySeahaven. Where in Poland do you live? We enjoyed what we saw, but of course it was only a small corner

22.12 | 14:43

I live in Nysa in Poland. I shall have to visit in the new year when I have my new phone.

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